gas prices

Local Gas Prices Fall Below State, National Averages
For the first time in several weeks, we're paying less for gas in the St. Cloud metro area than the state and national averages. Most gas stations in the St. Cloud area are selling a gallon of regular unleaded for $3.86 -- which is 13-cents cheaper than a week ago.
Gas Prices Keep Rising, Nearing The $4 Mark
We're paying more for gas here in the St. Cloud area. On Friday some are gas stations raised their price to $3.95 a gallon for regular unleaded. We're paying $1.10 per gallon more than we were a year ago at this time.
Gas Prices Jump In St. Cloud Area
We were expecting it, and now it's happened. Gas prices are starting to jump in the St. Cloud metro area. Some stations raised their price for a gallon of regular unleaded by .20 cents today (Wednesday) up to $3.79.
Bachmann Puts Blame On Obama Administration For High Gas Prices
Gas prices are the highest they've been in two years and a Congresswoman from Minnesota says the Obama administration is partly to blame. Michele Bachmann says President Obama's energy secretary has said Americans need to be paying as much as Europe does for gas in order to prompt alternat…

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