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News @ Noon: Are Charter Schools Unconstitutional?
Minnesota is considered to be the birthplace of Charter schools, but are they constitutional? Last month the Washington state Supreme Court outlawed Charter schools in that state. Their reasoning is that you can't use public tax dollars to fund a private school - their boards are usually made…
Research Documents Charter Schools’ Growth
A new analysis of Minnesota school data finds charter enrollment nearly quadrupled in the past decade. The analysis by the Center for School Change found enrollment at traditional schools fell 5 percent in the same period, though they still have many more students than charters.
Dozens Of Minn. Charter Schools Face Closure
Dozens of Minnesota charter schools could be forced to close under a 2009 law designed to tighten supervision of their innovative programs. The law requires every charter school be paired with a school district, college or nonprofit that monitors its finances and performance. The "authorizers&q…