ST. CLOUD - There are no signs of flexibility coming from either the White House or House Speaker John Boehner on negotiations over the pending fiscal cliff.

Meanwhile, over at St. Cloud State University, students and local union leaders have been collecting signatures, which they plan to deliver to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  They say they want her to agree to a tax increase for the wealthiest two-percent, in order to prevent the other 98 percent from having their taxes going up.

Kayla Blevins is a senior at the College of St. Benedict.  She says she can't afford a tax increase.

Bachmann, and other Republicans, want to extend the tax rates for all Americans, and instead raise revenue through the elimination of tax breaks.

If a compromise can't be reached by the end of the year, there will be automatic tax increases for all Americans, plus cuts to several entitlement programs, which some say could send the country into another recession.