ST. CLOUD -- A new statewide survey suggests Minnesotans are split on whether to legalize marijuana.

The results of the annual St. Cloud State University survey were released today (Thursday).

When asked the question "Do you think marijuana should be made legal or not?" Forty-eight percent say "no", 46 percent say "yes", and six percent don't know.

Men are in favor of the legalization of marijuana by a 10 percent margin, while women are opposed by an eight percent margin.

Fifty-three percent of Democrats are in favor of it, while only 31% of Republicans support it.

Age makes a difference as well, legalized marijuana has 65 percent support in the 18-24 age bracket, that drops to 54 percent for those between 25-34, and down to 47 percent for people between the ages of 35-44.

However, there does seem to be much more broad support for the use of marijuana for medical purposes, with 76 percent in favor if it's prescribed by a doctor.

Forty-five percent of the survey respondents say they have tried marijuana.