ST. CLOUD -- Joined together through fall spirit and pumpkin guts, St. Cloud Cathedral's art club members are not afraid to get messy.

Wednesday the student organization had a pumpkin carving event as a way to invite more students to join the club.

Art club officer, Nicole Shimak says art club is not exclusive to only upperclassmen.

"It's really awesome because it bring the freshmen together with the seniors and everywhere in between. People are just making friends and having fun."

Every pumpkin is hauled out and individually designed by each student. Jeremiah Kresky is a sophomore, he's been in the art club for four years, he says designing a pumpkin isn't as hard as you think.

"We get stencils, and we tape our stencils on our pumpkins and then we cut them into the pumpkin."

After carving the pumpkins they stay on display at the school for at least a day and then students are allowed to bring them home.

Art club director, Tony Keller says the organization has been growing every year. Nearly 60 students are art club members.

Chrissy Gaetke, WJON