ST. AUGUSTA -- Two St. Augusta businesses who failed liquor license compliance checks in recent months went before the city to learn their fate.  St. Augusta Mini-Serv and the St. Augusta American Legion were caught in the stings in January 2017.

According to records provided by the city, the St. Augusta Mini-Serv failed a compliance check for the third time in 18 months. The most recent violation occurred in January of this year. The city's guidelines call for a $1,500 fine and a two-day license suspension on a third offense in 36 months.  The council lowered the fine to $500 because the Mini-Serv demonstrated it had trained its employees, and staff had completed the alcohol training program. The Mini-Serv employee was fired immediately after the compliance check failure.

St. Augusta Legion also failed a compliance check in January. It was the second violation in a four month span.  However, it was only the second violation on record. The Legion Post Commander and bar manager testified before council members that every Legion staff member had undergone alcohol compliance check training.  The council waived a fine, citing the Legion's clean record prior to the two most recent failures.