SOUTH HAVEN -- The Lynden Township planning commission has moved to recommend the revocation of a South Haven dog breeder's conditional use permit at their meeting Wednesday night.

Tails of Gold, a dog breeding business outside of South Haven, was found to have multiple violations of their conditional use permit (CUP) in November. The owner, Valorie LaBeau, was notified and given 30 days to correct the violations. LaBeau complied but still had two violations upon the ensuing inspection: having surfaces which were not easily cleanable and raising dogs in a mobile home.

Lynden Township attorney Mike Couri says the mobile home is not used for any people to live in, it is one of multiple buildings the business has been using to raise the dogs -- which is a violation.

"Based on the discussion that occurred here, all of the planning commission members agreed that the use of the mobile home seemed to be the biggest issue," Couri says.

The Lynden Township board will decide whether to revoke the permit at their meeting scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on February 29th.

"Whatever action the township board takes is the final action at this level," Couri says. "If the property owner wants to appeal it, they would appeal it to district court and if they uphold it or if it's not appealed, then that decision of the township board is final and stays."

LaBeau could reapply for a CUP, but a moratorium is currently in place as a revision of the township's ordinance is being worked on -- a process that could take as long as a year.

On the upcoming township board meeting, LaBeau's attorney, Michael Moline, says "the township board is filled with people of good minds and sound judgment and I'm sure that after they hear the rest of the testimony, they'll come to a fair resolution with us that will protect the interests of the town and the property owner."