LYNDEN TOWNSHIP  - Recent testing in Lynden Township shows naturally occurring metals that can create bacteria are likely the cause of a recent odor in a few water wells.

Lynden Township is just to the southeast of St. Cloud. 17 wells were tested last month after high metal counts were found in two private wells in the Township. Minnesota Pollution Control spokesman Steve Mikkelson says the follow-up tests revealed two metals that seem to occur naturally in the area.

"Metals like manganese and iron. The levels that were in the samples indicate it's not anything different than what we see in naturally occurring situations in the groundwater in that area of the state."

The MPCA and the Minnesota Department of Health sent letters to the homeowners early last month asking for permission to test their water. Mikkelson says the water is safe, but the iron and manganese can create bacteria that give off an unpleasant smell.

"There are things that could be done to better treat it so it would be even cleaner for those folks and hopefully reduce those odors so it's not any kind of nuisance to them."

The Pollution Control Agency will host an open house on April 21st at Lynden Town Hall to provide information on how residents can treat their wells to reduce the bacteria. The results of the well testing will also be available.