ST. CLOUD -- The culture, the history, and the food of the Slovenian community will be displayed this Sunday, at the first ever Slovenian exhibit at the Stearns History Musem.

However, bringing this exhibit to life was not easy, Marge Pryately, along with 20 other organizers worked for a year and a half to bring everything together.

Even after the grants they applied for didn't work, Pryately and her team started a donation campaign to fund the exhibit.

Although obstacles came their way, for Pryately and her team this project was more than just an exhibit. It was a chance for them to show people their heritage and the contributions her community has made.

"I think the public whether you are Slovenian or not can appreciate this exhibit. Simply because it tells the story of our ancestors, who helped developed Stearns county" says Pryately.

A man takes picture of display. Rebecca David, WJON

Jim Davis is the Executive Director and President of Stearn History Musem. He says they are excited to have yet another exhibit, that showcases a piece of another culture and their achievements in Stearns county and Minnesota.

"I think this exhibit like so many is what museums are all about. There are not just about old stuff, they are about the stories that old stuff tell you" says Davis.

As the museum awaits to open the doors to the public this Sunday, Pryately says just like the Norwegian exhibit inspired her. She hopes their exhibit can inspire others as well.

"I just hope we can inspire other people through this exhibit to do their own exhibits of their ethnic groups. So the whole world can learn more about them and appreciate them as the fabric of Minnesota too"

The exhibit will open from 1 to 3 p.m. Admission is $7 per adult and $3 per child. Museum members can get in free.

The exhibit will remain open until January 14. It is also going to be a traveling exhibit in Duluth, Ely, and the Slovenian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Some Slovenian cultural Display. Rebecca David, WJON