UNDATED -- Severe Weather Awareness Week ends today with the topic of heat-related emergencies.

According to the Stearns County Emergency Services Department heat is the leading cause of weather related deaths each year.

A heat advisory is issued by the National Weather Service if the heat index ranges from 105 degrees to 114 degrees during the daytime, and stays at 80 degrees or above during the evening.

An excessive heat warning is issued if the daytime temperature reaches 115 degrees or more with a nighttime temperature of 80 degrees or greater.

If a heat advisory or excessive heat warning is issued you should make sure to practice water conservation and be mindful of any water restrictions or bans.

The emergency services department suggests that you limit your time outside in the heat and protect yourself from the sun to avoid heat exhaustion, cramps, stroke or sunburn.

You should make sure to drink water to replace what your body sweats out.  It's important to know if there is a burning ban in your area because fires can start and spread more easily in hot dry conditions.