SAUK RAPIDS -- If you like to shop then you may want to head to Sauk Rapids every third Thursday of the month to join in Ladies Night Out.

15 of Sauk Rapids local businesses got together to host this event as a way to get the community out and have fun.

"We actually did it last year" says Suzie Buhs of Margo Mundis. "And we thought if we got a group of us together, sit down and put some money in for budget for advertising we would make it a little more successful this year."

Each store you enter will not only have lots of stuff to look at, some will give out food and prizes as well as a drawing for a Coach Handbag.

"If you visit each business you earn coach bucks and by the end of the night if you visit all the businesses you can have four entries to win the handbag" say Suzie.

And even though it may say Ladies Night Out, guys are also welcomed to come for the food and atmosphere.

For more details on Ladies Night Out, including dates and what businesses are included visit Facebook/Ladies Night Out Sauk Rapids.


Ladies Night Out (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)