SARTELL -- The Sartell Hospitality and Visitor Service organization officially launched their new website Tuesday.

Sartell left the St. Cloud Convention and Visitors Bureau at the start of the year to put more of a focus in marketing Sartell on a local level.

Executive Director Nikki Sweeter says with the website live, it's time to spread the word.

"Now that we have a website, we can go out and let people know we exist. I think that's our biggest hurdle right now is that people don't know we are out there."

Sweeter says the website is very clean, mobile and user-friendly and provides a thorough list of amenities to offer to visitors coming into Sartell.

"We have everything from where you can book a wedding, to where you can go if you're hurt and need medical attention, to our schools and some of the fun things we have to offer in Sartell."

Sweeter says the next step is to showcase and introduce the Sartell HVS to the community. The Sartell Chamber of Commerce will be holding a community mixer on October 24th to welcome the newly formed organization.