ROYALTON -- A flashing LED billboard that had a Royalton man upset has been shut off.

Back in January, Mark Schraut was fighting to get the billboard taken down after saying the sign violated his property and multiple city ordinances.

The sign, which was installed in the fall, is less than 200 feet away from his home and when it was on Schraut says it was like "having florescent lights in my backyard."

Schraut hired an attorney to help resolve the ongoing issue, however just last month noticed the sign was black.

He says he has called the city to ask what happened to finally get the sign turned off but no one could give him an answer.

WJON has reached out to the makers of the sign, Supreme Outdoor Advertising, Inc., but have had no response. We have also reached out to the mayor who replied "no comment" at this time.

Schraut says the sign went black on February 8th and has been shut off ever since.