ROYALTON -- A Royalton man is fighting to get a billboard taken down that he says is violating his property and multiple city ordinances.

Mark Schraut's home is located less than 200 feet away from a flashing LED billboard that was installed in the fall.  Schraut says the billboard is too bright, and violates his property.

"It shines into the bedroom and we have to pull the blinds at night," Schraut says.  "It's like I have florescent lights in my backyard."

They're taking away the enjoyment of my property and I'm not willing to settle for that.

Shraut met with Royalton officials earlier this month to get the billboard taken down on grounds that it violates city ordinances.

"I wanted answers to the questions," Schraut says. "I called [city hall] first, and asked them 'when did they get a permit to put this up?'."

"They said they didn't know anything about it - they didn't know it was there, they never got a permit."

Royalton Police Chief Adam Gunderson reportedly sent a letter to the advertising company ordering them to take it down - but two weeks have passed and the billboard remains.

"They're flat-out not going to turn it off, they're telling the city that they don't care," Schraut says.

"It's violating city ordinances...every day is a misdemeanor, and every day [the billboard is on] it's a new offense."

Schraut has hired an attorney to help resolve the ongoing issue.


Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON