ST. CLOUD – About 20 ham radio enthusiasts  from all over the country are in St. Cloud this week for the RV Radio Network Fall Rally.

The rally is well underway following Monday night’s opening ceremonies. Ham radio users met at the St. Cloud Campground and RV Park to discuss what St. Cloud has to offer.

Visitors from Oklahoma, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois were among those that attended Monday’s rally.

Ham radio or amateur radio is used for non-commercial exchange of messages which include emergency communication.

The director of Visitor Services, Jean Robbins greeted rally guests and welcomed them to St. Cloud.

“The tornado in Joplin Missouri is a good example of when messages needed to get to law enforcement and loved ones and it wasn’t Twitter or Facebook that was used, it was ham radio. I have a whole new respect for that group of people” said Robbins.

Members from the St. Cloud Radio Club were also present at the rally.

The St. Cloud Radio Club president, Art Carlson said that club membership has been as high as 100 members.

“We’re always trying to get new blood” laughed Carlson.

Tuesday’s proceedings included VE testing, or amateur radio license exams.

Events are scheduled through Thursday with closing ceremonies at 6:30 p.m.

For more information visit their website.