MINNEAPOLIS - A St. Cloud couple had a chance to meet President Obama when he arrived in Minneapolis on Thursday afternoon as part of a two-day trip to Minnesota.

Obama ate lunch at Matt's Bar, which is in the Corcoran neighborhood in south Minneapolis. The restaurant is well known for its Jucy Lucy burgers.

Kathleen Hennessey, a Minnesota pool reporter, says Obama greeted a couple from St. Cloud during his stop at the restaurant.

"Josh and Kelly Schustak of St. Cloud introduced themselves to the President. Kelly asked what Obama's favorite TV show of all time is. Obama thought for a moment and told the couple "Mash"."

Obama was at the restaurant to meet with Rebekah Erler, whose letter to the President inspired his visit. Erler detailed difficulties finding work and raising a family in middle-class America.

The White House confirmed that President Obama ordered a Jucy Lucy and iced tea while talking with Erler.