HUTCHINSON - One person was taken to the Hutchinson Hospital after a fire that started in the garage of a double rental unit in the first block of McLeod Avenue Northeast this morning (Monday) just before 10:00 a.m.

Fire Chief Brad Emans says Daren Lucas was taken to the Hutchinson Hospital for treatment of a burn to his hand.

The unit is owned by Tom and Kathy Christensen located at 46 McLeod Avenue.  Emans says Lucas, one of the renters,  was drilling a hole in a gas tank to repair a leak when the drill ignited gas that had leaked onto the floor.

Emans says there was extensive damage to the garage and contents, as well as smoke damage to that one section of the double rental unit.

Emans estimated the damage to the structure and contents at about $60,000.

This story courtesy of KDUZ in Hutchinson.