ELK RIVER - Farming has played a crucial role in Minnesota's history, and the Oliver H. Kelley Farm in Elk River gives visitors a chance to experience this first-hand.

The Oliver H. Kelley farm started in the 1860's. Visitors are allowed to enter the farm at certain points of the year and have the opportunity to interact and work together with farmers.

Visitors can meet animals, help work in the fields, and see the cooking in the farmhouse.

The farmers not only work the land, but also have the goal of educating others on the history of farming.

"What we exist to do is to transmit history." Farmer John Hanson said, "So when we can do farm work with people and have them involved with the production, that's the most rewarding."

Visitors had the option to see a horse powered threshing machine in action today. The threshing machine loosens and separates the edible part of the grain.

Activities on the farm follow the farming cycle, so many different activities are open to guests through the year. For more information, or to plan a trip to the farm you can visit the Oliver H. Kelley Farm Website. 


Dan DeBaun, WJON News