ST. CLOUD - With about 17,000 students back on campus at St. Cloud State University, keeping them all safe is a big job.

Kelly Holden is one of two St. Cloud Police Officers assigned to be liaison officers between the city and the school.

Holden also works with the university's Public Safety Department.

President Earl Potter says they can't have their own police department, so they rely on the partnership between campus security and the St. Cloud PD.

Holden says she spends about 30 percent of her time on issues involving the university and the university neighborhood.  She says it's her goal to create close positive contacts with students.    One of her biggest responsibilities is to work with the residential life department and their alcohol awareness programs.

The most recent year that crime statistics are available from SCSU is 2008.  In that year there were 684 disciplinary referrals, 624 liquor law violations, 207 arrests, and 133 thefts.