ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud City Council President Jeff Goerger spent some time today on the News @ Noon show on WJON talking about what's coming-up for the city in 2015.

This is expected to be a big year for construction projects in St. Cloud. Goerger says the specific designs for a new parking ramp in downtown St. Cloud aren't done yet. But, they're still on target to break ground in April.

St. Cloud was awarded nearly $11 million last year in bonding money by the State Legislature. The plan is to build a parking ramp behind the Mexican Village, which will be connected to the River's Edge Convention Center.

Another big construction project that could get started later this year is the long-awaited Aquatic and Community Center at Whitney Park.

The days are numbered for daily air service in St. Cloud, but city leaders aren't giving up the fight.  Goerger says, while Mayor Dave Kleis lobbies the State Legislature for a loan, there's not much they can do. But, the city council will get involved in they're successful in creating a Regional Airport Authority.

Another big project that the city council will be tackling this year is updating three major plans: the Comprehensive Plan, the Community Development Block Grant, and the Capital Improvements Plan.

With the St. Cloud Area School District having their sights set on building a new Tech High School at a different location, a lot of people are concerned about one of the city's core neighborhoods. Goerger says, while the school district still owns the building, there's not much they can do. But they want to be involved in shaping the future of the Lake George neighborhood.

The Tech High School has been a big part of that neighborhood since it was built back in 1917. The school district is hoping to have a ballot question on a new school brought to the voters sometime this fall.