ST. CLOUD - The theme this year for Fire Prevention Week is "Hear the beep where you sleep".

We're encouraging people to specifically check their smoke detectors in the bedrooms. Every bedroom by law is supposed to have a smoke detector in it. Hopefully, if you don't have one, it's kind of a reminder that you should put one in there.

Assistant St. Cloud Fire Marshal Lynn Cook says now is also a good time to check some common things around your home.

Check your furnace, make sure it's going to work. Make sure a bird hasn't put a nest on top of the chimney. Same with your dryers, make sure the vents are clean. If you have a fireplace make sure that it's clean. Everything's got to be ready to go because once the weather gets cold all the heating devices that you have in your house are going to get used.

Cook also stresses that you should talk to your kids about the fire dangers around the home. And, plan to have a safe meeting place outside, in the event of a fire.