ST. CLOUD - The Mountain Man from A&E's show Duck Dynasty stopped by a St. Cloud Rox game on Friday night.

This was the Mountain Man's first time in the St. Cloud area. He says he enjoys the area and that the people have been welcoming.

"I'm just glad they let me in town...usually the way I look-they want to throw me out of town thinking I'm a drifter."

The Mountain Man was in attendance to sign autographs for the fans and judge a beard contest. He says that length, thickness and style all play a role in creating a great beard and that he's always on the lookout for fakes.

"I have to pull on them to make sure nobody wears fake beards-I've found them before."

The Mountain Man also says he's very proud of his own beard.

"I was born with this beard! I've had it this long for about 10 years-but I've always had a beard."


The Mountain Man enjoying his stay at a St. Cloud Rox game. (Dan DeBaun, WJON News)