GARRISON - 10 below zero, howling bitter winds and a ton of snow....a perfect day to go kitesurfing in Minnesota.

Around a hundred people braved the cold this weekend for the 10th annual Kite Crossing on Lake Mille Lacs. The annual race is a long-distance kite endurance run, racers planned to go 16-28 miles at a time.

Jim Watkins was racing at the event this weekend, he says everyone came prepared with plenty of gear and layers for the race.

"This is a very Minnesotan thing to say, but it's never too cold-there's just having the wrong gear," Watkins says.

Even with temps well below zero through the majority of the event, racers enjoyed getting outdoors and racing. 80-year-old Dorian Olson has been kitesurfing for over 12 years, he says his favorite part of the sport is battling the wind.

"I'm a wind surfer and a sailor too, so this kind of goes naturally with that," Olson says.



Dan DeBaun, WJON News