ST. CLOUD - It really is a small world after all - at least at the Stearns History Museum.

"Memories in Miniature" is a new exhibit containing hand-made replicas of everything from churches and barns, to circuses, Pan cars and even a prohibition-era whiskey still.

One particularly highlighted exhibit is a hand carved and painted, created-to-scale replica of downtown St. Cloud circa 100 years ago, arranged in the center of the room.

Each section of the exhibit also tells the story of the life and work of the central Minnesotan who created them, many of which took

Exhibit curator Adam Smith explains that the work is called "folk art" because a large number of the creators weren't artists by trade - they were created by people who had passion for life and enjoyed creating art to showcase it.

Smith says the goal of the exhibit is to encourage patrons to think about the concept of public history, and the parts every day people play in shaping it.

"Memories in Miniature" runs through December 31st, 2014. To find out more, and get museum hours, visit the Stearns History Museum online.