MAPLEWOOD, Minn. (AP) - A Minnesota mother has been charged with child endangerment after police found her passed out on top of her 19-month old child.

Reports say Alyssa Ann Rangel, 25, had a blood alcohol content level more than three times the legal limit when she was found unconscious on top of her toddler on November 9th.

The toddler had no pants or diapers on. Rangel denied she had been drinking.

Rangel's 7-month-old child was also found unattended in a stroller outside her Maplewood home while the temperature was 35 degrees.

Neither child was harmed.

According to the complaint, Rangel had trouble explaining to police why she had blood on her hands.

Rangel may face a year in prison and $3,000 in fines if convicted.