Help Bring Zach and Gabe Home To Central Minnesota (UPDATE)

The Baca family, Ted, Karla, Max, Cheyenne, and Josy, are in the process of adopting 2 orphaned brothers in China, ages 13 and 10 years old (Pictured above, Gabriel Rong Kai Baca, left, and brother Zachary Xin Baca, right).

Their Tragic Story

Two years ago, their mother died in a car accident and their father died soon after.  Now that the older brother will be turning 14 in March, he will age out and become unadoptable. These brothers will be separated. The Baca's want to give them a family where they can stay together forever. Since our last story, the Baca family has been working hard to do everything they can to raise the $24000 needed, before Gabe is unadoptable. Once her turns 14 in March, they will no longer be able to adopt him, meaning, these two brothers who have been through so much, will be separated again.

The family desperately needs our help to raise the remaining $25000 fee to get both boys adopted. You can click HERE now, to visit their GO FUND ME page, and make a donation. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Make A Tax Deductible Donation Directly To The Adoption Agency

Tax deductible donations of $100 or more can be made directly to the adoption agency:

Agape Adoptions
1410 Main Street
Sumner, WA 98390
Memo: For The Ted & Karla Baca Adoption

Purchase An Envelope

Envelope #'s available are: $44, $54, $55, $56,$57, $58, $63, $66, $67, $68, $69, $70, $71, $72, $73, $74, $91,$ 92, $93, $94, $95, $96, $101, $102, $103, $104, $105, $106, $108, $109, $110, $112, $113, $114, $116, $117, $118, $119, $120, $121, $122, $123, $124, $125, $126, $127, $131, $132, $133, $135, $136, $137, $139

Add $10 to the envelope amount and your name will be put on the back of a puzzle Piece ...They have 273 Puzzle pieces left!


To purchase envelopes, or for other questions, please contact Teresa at 320.339.1597 or email if you have questions.


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