ST. CLOUD - The month of June was a little wetter than normal, but pretty average for temperatures.

The weather summary for June from St. Cloud State University says we ended up with 4.66 inches of rain, which is about a half-inch above normal. Much of that rain fell on one day, when we had 1.55 inches on June 20th, which was a record for that date. For May and June combined, St. Cloud has picked up 10.69 inches of rain - more than 3 1/2 inches above normal.

Meanwhile, the persistent clouds and rain kept the temperatures down in June. The June 2015 average temperature in St. Cloud was 66.2 degrees, just slightly above average. There was only one day in June with a high of at least 90 degrees. That's only the third day with a 90-degree high over the past two summers so far.

The early outlook for July shows a drier pattern. But, there's no indication of any big heat surge into Minnesota.