ST. CLOUD - A football that's over 100 years old is one of the 'interesting artifacts' you can find at the Stearns History Museum in St. Cloud.

Curator Adam Smith says it's an old high school football.

It was given to a member of the 1913 high school football team. He was a right tackle and captain of the football team.

Smith says that 1913 team outscored their opponents 266-16.

They only lost one game, which happened to be to Hamline University's second team - or JV team. So, whenever they played high school teams they were pretty dominant.

The football is even older that Tech High School, which was built four years later.

Smith says sports memorabilia like this is important because it shows how equipment has evolved over the years. The Stearns History Museum has had the football in their collection since about 1985.

Once a month WJON news features a different 'interesting artifact' that you can find at the Stearns History Museum.