COLD SPRING -- Questions on how to move forward on the future of the Cold Spring library are starting to be answered.

The library, which current resides in city hall, is running out of space due to increased popularity and circulation.

During tonight's (Tuesday) city council meeting, the council heard from The Friends of the Great River Regional Library on how to help move this project forward.

They requested the city invited members of the Great River Regional Library to tour the potential library sites and allow them to give a recommendation on which facility they felt was best.

The options include expanding city hall by about 50 feet and to remodel the space, move the fire department to a new building and remodel the other city hall space, or move the library into the now vacant former First National Bank building.

Members of the council feel a library is important to the city, but concerns on where the library should be located, buying the former bank building, and the potential renovation costs of that building were among the topics discussed.

After further review the council voted to invited Great River Regional Library staff to view the different site options.

Once a site tour is complete, Great River Regional Library will provide the city with a list of recommendations on what needs to be done to each potential location.

The recommendations will be brought back to the council for further review at a later time.