COLD SPRING - Cold Spring is hoping to come up with a solution for its library in the near future.

The library is currently in city hall and is running out of space due to increased popularity and circulation. The city council approved two potential fixes during their meeting this week.

City administrator Paul Hetland says one option is expanding city hall. This option would also add more space for other city departments (Fire, Police, Administration).

If the city decides to keep the library in city hall, there are two more options they will consider. One option would be to expand the building by about 50 feet and to remodel the space, the other option would be to move the fire department to a new building and remodel the other city hall space.

Hetland says the other option is to move the library into the now vacant former First National Bank building.

The Friends of the Great River Regional Library recently made a recommnedation that the city consider moving the library to the former bank.

The city will wait until the end of February to review findings from the city economic development authority. Hetland says community feedback so far seems to prefer keeping the library inside city hall.

The library is a part of the Great River Regional Library system.