WAITE PARK -- A former Coon Rapids man has been charged with second-degree-murder after shooting another man inside a Waite Park apartment.

According to the criminal complaint 20-year-old, Desmond Barzey entered Park Meadows apartments with a handgun and demanded everyone inside to get on the ground and empty their pockets.

The victim then threw a shirt at Barzey and began moving towards him. Barzey then shot the victim in the chest and ran from the apartment.

The victim was taken to St. Cloud Hospital for his injuries but later died from his wounds. Waite Park police have identified the victim as 19-year-old Bobby Williams of St. Cloud. Barzey and Williams knew each other and police say there is no ongoing safety concern for the public.

Barzey was later found in North Dakota driving a stolen vehicle. After a short chase, Barzey was arrested. Police searched the vehicle and found the handgun with a round inside the chamber.

Barzey is being charged with second-degree unintentional murder, five counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and being a felon in possession of a gun.