ST. CLOUD -- Today in our follow-up series "Whatever Happened With That?" we update you on a proposal to rename a building on the St. Cloud State University campus.

It was back in September that we told you about professor Christopher Lehman's petition to rename the 51 Building to "Ruby Cora Webster Hall".  Cora Webster graduated from the St. Cloud Normal School with a one-year degree in 1909.

Up until now the university only had a policy for naming buildings and spaces on campus if it was connected to a donation, but not one for non-donor related requests.

So once we started hearing about this interest we had to actually change our policy and procedure to make it clear what steps we would follow to consider this kind of request.  So we did make that change.

Special Adviser to the President Judith Siminoe says, with the policy now changed, a group will gather in either late January or early February to consider Lehman's request. She says they'll probably meet once or twice to verify the facts of the request. Then they'll make a recommendation to the university president, who will then forward the proposal on to the chancellor.

Siminoe says President Ashish Vaidya has expressed he'd like to have the whole process completed before he leaves town at the end of June.

Coming up Wednesday in our follow up series "Whatever Happened With That?" we'll take a look at the plan to build two new hotels in Waite Park out by Mendard's.