ST. CLOUD -- With the turning of the New Year many of us might want to start looking at a healthier lifestyle and today in our first installment of "Fitness Friday" we highlight some tips when going out to eat.

Many times when we think that in order to live a healthier life we can never go out to eat again.

But CentraCare Health Registered Dietician Diane Giambruno says that's not the case.

"I don't know of a restaurant that doesn't have some healthy options especially if you're willing to ask the server to make it a special way," says Giambruno.

Often times we make going out to eat a part of our social lives. Giambruno says if you're planning to go out to eat make smarter choices throughout the day.

"If you know you're going out to eat and you were not able to check out the menu a head of time, keep that in mind throughout the day and make better choices all day long," says Giambruno.

Giambruno says when looking at what to order be aware of certain words that describe the food.

"Be careful of foods that use the words fried, colossal or creamy those are words that should be big cues that they have more calories and fat," says Giambruno.

As well as be specific with how you want your food done.

"When someone is there to take your order tell them exactly for example, I want grilled fish but I don't want any added butter or oil, they may have to go back and ask the chef but that's fine," says Giambruno.

Portion sizes at restaurants are larger than normal and just because it's in front of you doesn't mean you have to eat it all.

"What I find helpful is to ask for a take home box when you place your order so when the meal comes you can put a portion in there and then eat what's left on your plate," says Giambruno.

Most restaurants have their menus available online so if you plan to go out to eat look over the menu first to see what better choices you can make.


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