FOLEY -- Election season is here and that means the community of Foley will need to decide on who will fill its two open city council seats.

Six candidates are on the ballet, Roger From, Rosalie Musachio, Amanda Wilken, Jack Brosh, Jeff Gondeck and incumbent Brian Weis.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th.



Roger From (Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)

Roger From has lived in Foley for 11-years. He previously lived in the suburbs of the Twin Cities for 30-years. From moved to Foley to be closer to his daughter and 16 grandchildren. Throughout his life he worked as a construction foreman and a superintendent. From says one of the biggest challenges the city faces is balancing its budget.

"It seems they have no regard on how to spend the money here. People in this city are not wealthy, many live paycheck to paycheck, a lot of people on social security and they are just looked over, they don't care about them. I think they need a voice in this matter about keeping the costs down."

From says his held many leadership positions over the years which have prepared him to be a city council member.



Rosalie Musachio (Photo provided by candidate)

Retired lawyer, Rosalie Musachio is a College of St. Benedict alumna. While at St. Ben's she studied government and politics. Throughout most of her childhood she lived in Foley and recently returned 3-years ago after retiring. Musachio says she has the time to focus on the future of Foley.

"I'm a retired lawyer. I've got time and I'm willing to spend that time and that effort to listen to people and help make the decisions for the future."

Musachio says she'd like to make Foley more attractive to families, by improving parks and creating more bike trails. She says the state can help provide funding for these initiatives.



Amanda Wilken (Photo provided by candidate)

Amanda Wilken is originally from Sartell. She went to Park College for advertising, communications and design. She moved to Foley 4-years ago, she was attracted to the small town feel and reasonably priced housing.  Wilken is on the safety committee and planning commission. Wilken says she was supported by others in the Foley government to run for city council. Wilken's says she brings a young and fresh perspective to the city.

"Because I'm unbiased and new to the area, so I think I bring in a little bit of extra spice for everybody. I'm always very young, being that I'm only 26, I think that it's kind of more of a progressive opinion than what they are used to."

Wilken's says she's also a mother, her step-daughter is in the Foley school system and she wants to make changes that bring the community together.



Jack Brosh (Photo provided by candidate)

Jack Brosh has lived in Foley for about 20-years. He worked for the State Department of Corrections for 20-years and currently works for the Benton County Department of Corrections. Brosh says road improvements, building more housing and expanding the city are his main concerns. Brosh says he has the experience to solve these issues.

"I've been in government for 20 plus years, I know how it works. I think I would be a great fit for the city of Foley."

Brosh says improvements to Dewey Street and 4th Avenue will take high priority going into next year.



Jeff Gondeck (Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)

Jeff Gondeck has lived in Foley for 53-years. He has been a cabinet maker for 36-years and has worked for many different companies throughout the years. Gondeck currently works for Custom Caseworks in St. Cloud, he's been there for about 4-years. Gondeck says his main priority is to solve the waste water problem in Foley. He says Foley is in need of a new waste water treatment facility and the funds to create a new facility should not come from Foley home owners.

"Anytime that you put the burden on the home owners, I think that's not the correct way to do it. I think there's other alternatives that can be looked at."

Gondeck also serves on the planning commission he says he's very cost conscious and wants to be sure that any money the city spends is put to good use.



Brian Weis (Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)

Brian Weis is currently a Foley city council member. Weis has lived in Foley for 40-years. He worked for Quad Graphics for 35-years and recently retired. Weis says he raised his family in the small town and loves Foley. Weis says he doesn't like to spend money but fixing Dewey Street and 4th Avenue will be money well spent.

"I'm not one to spend money but we have to spend money to get this road fixed up. This road hasn't been fixed up for over 40-years."

Weis says he'd like to see the town grow and be more attractive for businesses to move in.