FOLEY -- Gerard Bettendorf will take over as Foley's new mayor next year. Bettendorf finished with 44 percent of the vote, beating Leslie LeCuyer and incumbent Mayor Dave Mosford, who came in last.

Bettendorf says he's honored to take over the position and he has many plans for the city going into next year. He says one of the most pressing issues that's on his mind is dealing with the waste water problems in Foley, the town's waste water system is nearing capacity.

"The water problem is definitely something we are going to have to look into because eventually we may have to look at getting a sewer plant."

Bettendorf says the city will be working with the state to see what options are available for dealing with the waste water issue.

Other than the waste water issues, Bettendorf says he will be focusing on putting in more crosswalks in town.

"We have Highway 23 going through the middle of town and we're trying to fix it up, to get a couple of safe crossings roads for kids when they are going back and forth to school across the highway."

Foley is also in need of more senior housing, Bettendorf says the council will be working on developing a plan to fulfill that housing need.

With Bettendorf taking over the mayor seat it will leave his current council seat open. He says the city plans to appoint a new member to the council, he says it will likely they will ask the person who came in third in the council race.

For Foley city council, Jeff Gondeck was the top vote getter with 22 percent, and incumbent Brian Weis won re-election with 20 percent of the vote, Amanda Wilken came in third with nearly 17 percent.