FOLEY -- Election Day is nearing and the community of Foley will decide on one of three people to lead the city.

Three candidates are running for Mayor of Foley, Gerard Bettendorf, Leslie LeCuyer and incumbent Dave Mosford.

The community will be able to vote on Tuesday, November 8.


Gerard Bettebdorf (Picture provided by Gerard Betterndorf)

Gerard Bettendorf has lived in Foley for the past 64 years. He retired from working at the Foley Lumber Company in 2013. Over the years he's been highly involved in the community, for 35-years Betterndorf operated the scoreboard and announced local sports games. He also was a member of the Foley Fire Department for nearly 36-years. Bettendorf is currently serving as a Foley city council member. Bettendorf says one of the largest issues on his mind is road construction.

"I know a lot of the problems, I've seen and driven over all of the roads, allies and everything. There's a lot of work to be done on the roads," says Bettendorf.

Bettendorf says he always encourages people to come to council meetings and have active voices within the community.


Leslie LeCuyer (Picture provided by Leslie LeCuyer)

Leslie LeCuyer comes from a long background of community and government service. LeCuyer served on the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners for four years (two terms), she was apart of the Minnesota Legislature for eight years (four terms) and she is currently a Foley city council member. Other than government involvement, LeCuyer is the executive director of the Central Minnesota Arts Board, one of Minnesota's regional councils, which is located in downtown Foley. She has been living in Foley for nearly 12-years. LeCuyer says one of the areas she's focusing on is growth within the community. She would like to expand the industrial park area, bring in more business and create more jobs. She says developing a plan for the waste water system (which is nearing capacity) will determine the growth of the city.

"I am a good listener, I have been responsive as an elected official, I believe I can represent the city of Foley in a positive and respectful manner. I feel like we need a change, we need a new direction, we need to look to the future and I would like to engage people in the decision making process," says LeCuyer.

LeCuyer says she's a person that gets things done and is a very creative problem solver.


Dave Mosford (Picture Provided by Dave Mosford)

Dave Mosford is the current Mayor of Foley. Mosford has lived in Foley for the majority of his life. He owns Mosford Farm and Supply. Before going into business, Mosford was a mechanical engineer for John Deere Waterloo Tractor Works in Waterloo, Iowa. Mosford says he mainly has a business background and the customer always takes top priority. He says he treats his constituents with great respect just like his customers. Mosford's top priorities going into next year include developing a new waste water treatment facility as well as creating a four-way stop at the intersection of Dewey Street and 4th Avenue. Mosford says he's running on a platform of keeping costs low and sticking to the proposed budget.

"I'm not going to increase their taxes, I'm going to hold spending down to where we can fit it into our current budget. Our budget for next year is just one or one and a half percent above what it was this year," says Mosford.

Mosford says he's a conservative politician that focuses on balancing the budget and not over spending.