ST. CLOUD - Hundreds of community members gathered in the Atwood Mall to walk through the St. Cloud State University Campus to show solidarity through the Light up the Night campaign.

The St. Cloud State University Student Government Association held a candle light vigil to honor Colton Gleason who was tragically murdered on September 20th.

SGA president Jarrod Wiggins says Gleason's case made students reexamine the issue of violence on campus.

SCSU teamed up with the City of St. Cloud as well as the St. Cloud Police Department to send a message of unity as participants walked through campus neighborhoods.

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says that the city will continue to focus on issues of public safety.

The Light Up the Night Campaign aims to improve the safety of students on and off campus. Representative King Banaian says that it's important for students to know that SCSU will be open to keeping the campus safe.

SCSU SGA has appointed a committee that will continue to focus on the issues of campus safety and plan events based on the needs of the community.