ST. CLOUD -- Health officials are trying to limit the number of cases of heart attacks and strokes each year in Minnesota.

CentraCare Health and the University of Minnesota are partnering on the "Ask About Aspirin" campaign to raise awareness on the health benefits of low-dose aspirin use.

Alan Hirsch is the Professor of Medicine/Cardiology at the University of Minnesota. He says the campaign is designed to educated you on the benefits of daily aspirin use to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

The campaign branches off a similar study that was done in Hibbing a few years ago.

Dr. George Morris is the Medical Director at the CentraCare Clinic. He says CentraCare uses electronic records to help engage conversation between the patient and provider.

The campaign is directed to men ages 45 and 79 and in women ages 55 and 79 to find a balance for the risks of a heart attack or stroke.

Hirsch says this will be a year long campaign, but should see results in the first few months.

Morris says they hope the campaign can provide the results projected and can be used as tool for other health clinics around the state.

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