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Targeting Deep Basin Panfish
It was clear we had the lake to ourselves as we drove into the landing and looked out over the frozen landscape. This out-of-the-way body of water received little pressure during the winter months, especially midweek.
Handling the Occasional Bigger Fish
It was over a cup of coffee one morning that ice angling legend, Dave Genz and I got into a discussion about the occasional bigger fish that is caught while on a panfish outing. We both agreed that when a group of anglers get together for a day on the ice, someone in the group usually sticks an unex…
Enjoy the Pleasures of Early Ice
Without a doubt, the formation of the first ice generates a certain amount of excitement among anglers. For those that are diehard ice enthusiasts, this level of excitement can be quite substantial.
Refining Motion Issues for Canada Geese
It was during a spring snow goose hunt in Kansas last year that I really go to thinking about the unique characteristics of Canada geese. Unlike snow geese, they do not like an abundance of motion in the decoy spread. However, there is no doubt that some action is needed.
Rainy Lake Keeps on Giving
This was the eighth year for our group of anglers that make an annual trek to Island View Lodge on Rainy Lake. Although every year is a little different, the one common theme that runs through the entire eight year period is the successful walleye angling we encounter.
Do Your Homework Before Exploring New Water
Every summer I make an effort to explore a few new lakes to see if there are bodies of water I am not familiar with that need some attention. I also make a concerted effort to spend time looking for new fishing spots on my list of regulars. Either way, there is some research that is done before I ge…
Wacky Options for All Summer
It was going to be an interesting day on the water. I had two enthusiastic anglers in my boat that had limited fishing experience. As we were casting weedless jigs and jigworms along the deep weedline, it became apparent to me that they had not developed the feel and finesse for this style of anglin…
Walleye: Trolling For Speed Bumps
It was a hard thing to understand. According to my electronics, the large, rocky reef we were targeting was littered with scattered pods of fish. From previous experiences at this location, we were certain the arcs on the screen were walleye. We just couldn’t make them bite.

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