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Wacky Options for All Summer
It was going to be an interesting day on the water. I had two enthusiastic anglers in my boat that had limited fishing experience. As we were casting weedless jigs and jigworms along the deep weedline, it became apparent to me that they had not developed the feel and finesse for this style of anglin…
Walleye: Trolling For Speed Bumps
It was a hard thing to understand. According to my electronics, the large, rocky reef we were targeting was littered with scattered pods of fish. From previous experiences at this location, we were certain the arcs on the screen were walleye. We just couldn’t make them bite.
Worming the Deep Weedline
When it comes to targeting summertime bass, there are truly a multitude of methods and strategies that will catch fish. These strategies vary from angler to angler and will cater to the demands of working a particular type of bass holding structure.
Adapting to Conditions Is Part of the Game
As we drove into the lot at Island View Lodge on Rainy Lake in northern Minnesota, it only took a moment to realize this was going to be a different sort of walleye trip for our group. Instead of being greeted by the serenity of the landscape, we were greeted by sandbags and huge pumps spewing water…
The Spring Panfish Bonanza
Every spring, I look forward to the days when I can drop a boat into open water and fish the shallow water panfish bite. For me, this is an enjoyable time that frequently offers some of the best crappie and bluegill angling of the year.
Outsmarting the Wary Snow Goose
My very first snow goose hunt took place 30 years ago in New Mexico near the Elephant Butte impoundment on the Rio Grande River. My brother and I set up three hundred homemade decoys on a flyway thousands of birds used daily as they moved off of the water and flew out to feed.
Why Winter Panfish?
Over the years, I have had many people ask me why I prefer to chase panfish during the hard water season. This is never an easy answer for me as there are many reasons for my winter panfish addiction.
Exploring New Water Has Benefits
It wasn’t much to go on. The reports I had heard about respectable sunfish on this lake left us a little skeptical. Still, a person doesn’t learn uncharted territory without a little effort.
Plastic: An Under Utilized Technique
It wasn't until March of last winter that I received the green light from my oncologist. After an extended recuperation period from my cancer treatment and bone marrow transplant, she said she would allow me to do some limited ice fishing.

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