What Not to Say to a Couple Getting Married
I know four couples getting married in the next year and when I hear people giving them advice or just mindlessly saying things about their own married life, I just cringe, so here are some things not to say to someone getting married.
How To Prevent Getting Sick
Before kids are back in school sharing close quarters with 35 other children who are coughing, sneezing and sniffling all over everything, there are several other areas where germs are lurking and waiting to make you ill. Where they’re hiding and how to fight them off.
Bag Restrictions Go Into Place for NFL Games
The NFL preseason begins tonight and as a huge football fan, I’m pretty excited. What I’m not excited for is the fact that for women only, bag restrictions go into place. Here are a few of my thoughts about that.
Sun Damage Myths Busted
The Sun. I love it. It makes me happy when I see it. It makes things grow. It's great, but you know what isn't great? Sun damage. Here are a few sun damage myths busted.
The Truth Behind Five Popular Infomercial Products
I am a sucker. This is no secret. I can’t watch the shop at home channels because I will end up in the poor house. If you’re a sucker like me or if you’re just curious if the product is as good as it sounds, here is a buying guide for the five most pop…
When to Use Cash, Debit or Credit
I got my nails done yesterday and saw a sign that said they only accept checks or cash as payment. OK, A.) Who carries cash and, B.) Who writes checks? I was just planning on using my debit card, but nope! So that got me thinking, when is it OK to use cash, when should you use the credit card and wh…
How to Prevent Wrecking Your Morning
My morning starts about an hour and a half before the rest of the world, so I need mornings to be as mechanical and mistake proof as possible. Here are a few ways I keep my morning from getting ruined.

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