GARRISON -- The Minnesota DNR has announced the 2016 Lake Mille Lacs fishing regulations.

Mille Lacs will have a "catch-and-release" walleye season, meaning there will be no walleye allowed from May 14th through December 1st. Anglers who want to fish for walleye must use artificial bait and immediately release any and all walleye caught.

There will also be a night closure for walleye from May 16th through December 1st.

Anglers fishing for Northern Pike will be able to keep five fish outside of a 30-40 inch slot and one longer than 40 inches will be allowed.

Four bass will be allowed outside of the 17-21 inch slot with one fish over 21 inches allowed.

Fishermen who are targeting northern pike or musky can use sucker minnows longer than eight inches, but all other anglers cannot have any live, dead, frozen or processed bait.

The DNR says the "catch-and-release" regulation was a difficult decision, but it provides the best option. DNR officials say Mille Lacs is still at risk for walleye fishing to close if the numbers don't begin to rebound.