MINNEAPOLIS -- This week in our "Behind the Scenes" series on WJON, we work on restoring your power with Xcel Energy when an outage occurs.

The team at Xcel Energy is always one step ahead before a power outage occurs constantly planning for every situation.

Emergency Response Organization Manager Mike Boland says when the lights go out the team reacts by the book.

"We have an outage management system that takes in the calls that come in, and along with that we have control centers which are constantly monitoring 24-7 our substations and transmission lines that are out there," says Boland.

Once the outage area is identified crews are sent to assess the problem.

"We will send crews right to that device or substation and they will report back as to what they have and they begin to fix it," says Boland.

They then relay the information back the the control center who begin to update the public on the situation.

"When the power is out we still want to hear from you so we know we have you accounted for and as we go through the situation we're calling people and sending messages to let them know we are on it and going to get them back in power," says Boland.

Boland says while he knows an outage is an inconvenience, the crews take great pride to make sure power is restored quickly.

"They know and understand what needs to be done, they have a process and we do this step by step and safely," says Boland.

If a power outage occurs in your area you are asked to contact them at xcelenergy.com.

Crews at Xcel Energy work to assess power outages throughout the state. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)