ST. CLOUD - The St. Cloud State University tunnel system was built decades ago but was ultimately closed off to students for safety reasons.

The tunnels stretch thousands of feet underground the campus, you can enter the southern maintenance building and make it all the way to the Miller Center on the system.

One of the first things you notice underground is numerous parts of the system are narrow and cramped. Steam pipes run through the tunnels along with fiber optic cables, and areas of high voltage electricity.

The tunnels are also very warm thanks to the steam pipes, even with the cool conditions outdoors during our tour, it felt close to 70 degrees underground in some areas.

Another noticeable feature of the tunnels is the artwork on the walls. Paintings and drawings can be found all over the tunnels from decades ago when students were allowed to paint in the area.

The tunnels were once open for students to use as an alternate way to get around campus during the cold winter months, but they were ultimately closed for several reasons. The tunnels aren’t very well lit in some areas, creating a security concern for students.


The steam pipes and cables are also something maintenance doesn't want students to touch or hurt themselves with. Asbestos fittings are also found underground, creating a health hazard.

The tunnels are still in use today by the SCSU maintenance staff. Garvey Commons will also use the tunnels to transport supplies quickly to and from the Atwood Memorial Center.

(Dan DeBaun, WJON News)