AVON -- Record high water levels on Middle Spunk Lake in Avon has put the public beach restoration on hold.

Project spokesman Russ Schmidt says the water is just too high.  He says he has talked with local residents who say it hasn't been this high in more than 50 years.

The water is so high it's climbing over retaining walls and lapping at the lawns of lakeshore owners.  It already caused part of the existing retaining wall at the public beach to crumble.

Schmidt says the lake level needs to drop a minimum of two feet before they can even consider putting up the new retaining wall.

In the meantime, they will do some landscaping and work on picnic tables and benches.

Schmidt says they hope to get to the $66-thousand restoration project yet this fall but says that's up to Mother Nature.

The $66,000 project is being paid for mostly through private donations but it also received some park dedication funds from townships and Stearns County.