Dear Dad,

To be a parent like you is hard to beat. I remember my childhood at home as being a place of security. A place of stability. A place of fun and excitement. I never heard arguments, although I'm sure there must have been some....

I remember family vacations....I remember you trying to teach me how to to play to to do cartwheels....I remember racing you across the front yard from the barn to the house, and I couldn't believe how fast you could run.  

I remember you trying to teach me how to swim....I remember you teaching me how to saddle and ride a horse. I remember being out in the barn, with puppies and kitties...and cows. I remember you teaching me how to work. I remember all the fun cars and trucks you had, and I remember family get together's.

I remember learning how to drive a tractor...a lawn mower....I remember you singing silly songs every morning before school...I remember singing in talent competitions and you smiling from ear to ear when I'd win. I remember 'silence' when I'd lose, but still there was a smile...and it's time to move on.  

I remember how busy you all day, farm all night...Then it was time to play. You found time to hang out with your friends, play sports, work, farm, and be a great Dad.

I remember learning how to water ski...go camping...catching my first fish. I remember  your stories...I remember your laugh, and laughing with you... going to college...going to Kentucky and you coming to bring me back home...Although I've made a million mistakes...probably let you down too many times to mention...You're always there.  

Words really can't say enough of what you have been in my life, and how much you mean to me. You are the Greatest Dad and Grandpa ever.