ST. CLOUD - The 41st Annual Lemonade Concert and Art Fair kicked off the Granite City Days.


Ginny Tennant
Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News

The art fair was the dream of and avid art fair goer. Ginny Tennant brought life to the art fair at St. Cloud State University. She started the fair with just fifteen vendors, and it has now grown to over two hundred vendors each year. This year's art fair featured a few new exhibits.

Cottage Heights Blades
Photo: Joshua Akkerman

Paul Elwell, owner of Cottage Heights Blades, has been hand crafting fishing knives since last spring. He says making the knives is a very labor intensive process. He first has to cut the wood into the basic shape that he wants, and then goes through multiple steps in the sanding process. He finished the blade with five layers of lacquer. Each layer needs to dry before the next is applied. Elwell says he feels fortunate that he is part of this year's fair and hopes to continue in the future.



Another new exhibit features students and alumni of St. Cloud State University. The Art Department set up a gallery this year featuring the works of current students and alumni of the program. As part of the celebration, students painted a mural throughout the day depicting the Lemonade Concert and Art Fair.


Paul Imholte playing the Hammered Dulcimer
Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News

Musician and fifteen year veteran of the art fair, Paul Imholte, was playing what he calls strolling music, as fair goers walked through the exhibits. Today he was featuring his Hammered Dulcimer, which is a piano like instrument.

The art fair caps off tonight with a concert by the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra.