GRAND RAPIDS -- A woman has pleaded guilty to her role in the
decapitation of a Hibbing man.

She is expected to be sentenced to roughly 30 years in prison in connection
with the death of 20-year-old old David Haiman of Hibbing.

As part of her plea agreement, she'll also have to testify against 36-year-old
Joseph Thoresen of Deer River.

Thoresen is charged with decapitating Haiman in June, after the woman told
Thoresen that Haiman raped her. The Associated Press generally doesn't name
people who say they're victims of sexual abuse.

Authorities say the woman was in Haiman's car near Ball Club when Thoresen and
Haiman got out and Thoresen hit Haiman with a baseball bat, stabbed him and
beheaded him with a machete.

The woman led authorities to Haiman's body and head.