WAITE PARK -- With the security improvements done to the front lobby and administration office, Waite Park officials now shift their focus to the council chambers.

During tonight's (Monday) work session the council will discuss what security improvements should be done to the council chambers.

City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says the current set up has several city staff with their backs toward the audience, which isn't safe or audience friendly, and would like to change they layout. Staff will also discuss adding extra security cameras, better audio and visual equipment and possibly glass doors looking into the hallway.

The security improvements came up after a shooting erupted during a New Hope city council meeting back in 2015.

Johnson says no action will be taken but staff will instead work with an architect on security designs to be brought back at a future meeting.

Waite Park recently finished adding bullet proof windows looking into the administrative office-similar to the reception desks at police departments.