WAITE PARK -- Waite Park has a new logo and tagline to help market themselves.

During tonight's (Monday) city council meeting the council unanimously approved a new logo and tagline for the city.

City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says the bold new "WP" logo gives visitors and residents a clear symbol to associate Waite Park.

"You know your logo really needs to be a bold statement that people will recognize and identify with your community," says Johnson.

The council also approved the tagline "where Minnesota connects" to emphasize how the city connects people in broader sense based on geography and destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.

Johnson says staff with work closely with Think Creative as they move forward to marketing there new logo and tagline throughout the city.

"Staff is going to meet with Kevin (Think Creative) to talk about what would be his ideas for the next step to implement these things. City's are great at providing services, but not so good with marketing," says Johnson.

Back in September the council approved to work with Think Creative who helped spearhead the new logo design.

Waite Park use to have two different logos, which include the “WP” or the centennial logo, which can be confusing. They also used the tagline "the city with a smile," which several other cities currently use.

The rebrand came after the city began looking at their website redesign.